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Feb 7 2004 11:57AM
Hi there, I saw Zach's page on and think it is great (I voted for you)! My wife and I are expecting our first at the end of the month and are trying to get a page up for family and friends. I love your baby block font, where did you get it and how can I get a copy? Thanks.
from Chris Kern

Nov 6 2003 2:35PM
adorable site. Brianna would love a visit from you:
from Angie Garay

Sep 21 2003 7:53PM
Hi there, what a beautiful son you have..., I have a girl, she will be 1 on the 24th of otober. Would like to invite you to Mums & Dads, a parenting board for all parents arounf the world. xXx
from ~*Jess*~

Jul 19 2003 7:21PM
He is so cute! I was just remembering when my daughter was that little. You have a little heart breaker in your hands :) I am way too late to say congrats, but I still will! Congrats! You all make a great looking family, nice websites also!
from Sarem

Apr 5 2003 10:56AM
You are a little adorable thaing you! You guys are blessed!
from Cami

Feb 19 2003 1:52PM
What a cuttie!!! and what a hoot . . . your website is too fun!!! Thanks for sharing this uplifting site with me!!! Patty
from Patty Marguet

Jan 29 2003 4:29PM
U don't know me ( i was fooling around) but congrats any way. I hope you have a great happy life together.
from Brittany form N.Y.

Jan 27 2003 11:10AM
Pics are great you guys. I love the one on Maybe when Zach gets a little older you can put him on as Chucky. HaHa. Jerm, we might be doing lunch next week if you have some spare time we'd love for you to join Angela, Cam and myself. Just let us know. Beautiful baby, Gail. Maybe we can have some plastic surgery done later so he doesn't look so much like "The Jerm". Congrats!
from Edy

Jan 21 2003 8:30PM
I like the terrycloth robe too, the best shot in that group!! See what you have to look forward to Beth!! P.S. Who is the skins fan? JS?
from Tony

Jan 21 2003 8:06PM
he's sooooo cute! i love his little duck robe!!! i love you guys!!!! love, Erin
from Erin

Dec 30 2002 12:29PM
Where are the current pictures of Zachary? I was wondering what he currently looks like. Congratulations on your boy! EJ
from EJ Higginbotham (Jonathan's Mom)

Nov 16 2002 9:44AM
Cute baby pictures and cute site. Loved the layout. I voted for you on topbabypages :)
from Cole Cirillo

Sep 19 2002 4:08PM
What a precious little boy! Congrats to Mom and Dad
from Beth Sturgeon

Sep 10 2002 8:15PM
Sorry about not sending Congratulations! sooner. Was talking to my sister (Grandma, Mom, Mom-in-law) last night on another matter and told her I hadn't seen the website yet. I have now! Very impressive! He looks like another fine addition to the clan. (No, not the Klan). Love, Uncle Carl and Aunt Jane
from Uncle Carl and Aunt Jane

Sep 3 2002 1:12AM
Hello. I'm Jenny's friend, James. Awesome! He looks beautiful. I'm wishing nothing but the best for this child, who was born into one of the most loving families anywhere!
from James Humphrey

Aug 19 2002 3:51PM
Hi, Gail, Jeremy and Zachary! Love the updated pictures! Well done! And thank you so much for the pictures via snail mail! Hope everyone is well. I miss you all and love you very much.
from Aunt Chris

Aug 5 2002 3:54PM
Where are the pictures?? How are mom, dad and baby doing?? Show us the pictures:).
from Betty Bell

Jul 24 2002 9:00PM
Congratulations to both of you!! Sons are wonderful, we sure cherish ours!!!
from Pam & Joe Mattingly

Jul 23 2002 10:33PM
I think Zackary is the cutest!!! Phil and I are sooooooo happy for you guys. Will be popping in to see the little fellow. Can I hold him? Lots of love, Sally and Phil
from Sally Hasselwander

Jul 17 2002 8:42PM
Hey guys... Congratulations from the 4 of us. I am very happy to hear that "everybody" is doing well. Hope to see more pictures soon. Another Cancer bye the way, mine was on the 11th... . Take care, love you guys. Simone
from Simone and Family

Jul 16 2002 9:41PM
Congraulations on a beautiful boy. He is a cute one.
from Carole Noltemeyer

Jul 16 2002 3:28PM
Just saw the pictures of my first grandson! What a dear! Can't wait to hold him! Love you all!
from Mom

Jul 16 2002 2:19PM
Congratulations! Just got the e-mail this morning from HBAL. He's beautiful. Know you're both proud and happy that it's all over. I guess Chuck's already asking when you'll be back! HA Let me know how things are going. Just wanted to say "HI" Elda
from Elda Marshall

Jul 16 2002 9:47AM
Congrats boss man!! Zachary... I like that. I know it feels great, so live it up. Talk at you later. Dave Hall
from Dave Hall

Jul 15 2002 6:10PM
What a cutie!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!
from Bob and Fran

Jul 15 2002 1:40PM
Just wanted to say congrats!!!Can't wait to meet the little guy. Let me know when you are accepting visitors...Love...Linda
from Linda Schuster

Jul 15 2002 1:34PM
Beautiful family! Blessings to you all.
from Stacy Roof

Jul 15 2002 1:06PM
Zachary's beautiful!!! Congratulaions Gail and Jeremy!
from jason yann

Jul 15 2002 12:35PM
Zachary I can't wait to get home to see you and your mom. I think you are very cute. From Jordan
from jordan

Jul 15 2002 12:26PM
Hello, Zachary Ryan! And welcome to the family! Your life will surely be filled with love, laughter, encouragement and fun! The pictures are great! What a cutie pie! Know that I am sending much love across the miles, Gail, Jeremy and Zachary, and giving thanks for the newest miracle in our lives. I love you all so much!
from Aunt Chris

Jul 15 2002 11:54AM
What a beautiful baby!!! I am so happy for all of you. I am sure Zachary already realizes how lucky he is to have such wonderful parents. All of your hard work has paid off amazingly. Can't wait to see you guys when you get home from the hospital.
from Stephanie

Jul 15 2002 11:51AM
Congratulations to all of you!! I'm glad the turkey baster thing worked for you, now it's back to the old fashioned way to keep your turkey moist. Keep me on the list for babysitting. Love you all--Karen
from Karen

Jul 15 2002 11:33AM
Welcome to the world. Your parents are very lucky to have you and you them. Listen to them as they guide you through life. They will forever be your best friends. Congratulations, and come over to play sometime. Jennifer, Hannah and Brian Miller
from Jennifer, Hannah and Brian Miller

Jul 15 2002 9:26AM
Congrats Jeremy and Gail! Welcome to the world Zachary!
from Andy Cobb

Jul 15 2002 8:59AM
Momma, Poppa and wee one - Glad you are all doing well and are enjoying your time together. Love you all! Juva
from Juva

Jul 15 2002 8:30AM
Congratulations on the birth of your new son Zachary!
from Michael McCammon

Jul 14 2002 2:05PM
Zachar: You're just perfect, little one. I'm so happy to finally announce to the world that my big sis and her hubby have their beautiful boy.
from Aunt Terri

Jul 14 2002 1:23PM
Congratulations!!!!! Glad all is gong well. / Does this mean that you won't be doing Homearama? Enjoy. Bob and Fran.
from Bob and Fran Medley

Jul 13 2002 11:00PM
Way to go kids !!!! Now you can be stressed out like the rest of us. TIme to start thinking about a couple more !!!
from Bill & Angie

Jul 13 2002 7:02PM
Congratulations!!!!!! We're coming up tomorrow to see the little guy!! Love you all! :)
from Erin, Chris and Elizabeth

Jul 13 2002 6:42PM
Hey congratulations on the new baby boy!! Great name, if we were going to have a boy we would have named him Zachary. BTW. it was nice knowing you Jeremy :) you will never see the light of day again!!!!!!!!!!! (very evil chuckle) ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
from Cameron

Jul 13 2002 4:57PM
Congratulations! I'm Tina's baby sister. I've never met you guys, but feel as though I know you. Tina speaks very highly of all of y'all. I will be checking to see John's new grandson's picture. God bless you all.......gigi
from gigi

Jul 13 2002 4:11PM
Congrats Gail and Jeremy! I hope everyone is healthy and happy. Take care and give me an update when you get a chance.
from Matt Perito

Jul 12 2002 3:00PM
We are so glad to finally have you here! You will have lots of good times with your maw maw, aunts, uncles and cousins! I sure hope you're ready for it. We love you! By the way, congratulations Gail & Jeremy - you did a good job.
from Angela & John

Jul 12 2002 12:58PM
This is for Zachary: You are so beautiful and I love you very much. I have been saying lots of prayers of thanks this morning that you are such a perfect little gift. I am sure we will have lots of time to bond. Love and kisses, MawMaw
from Betty Harrison (MawMaw or whatever)

Jul 12 2002 12:52PM
I am so happy for you. Kept smiling all the way home from the hospital this morning.
from Betty Harrison

Jul 12 2002 9:24AM
Congrats! Can't wait to see pictures of the little guy!
from Heather

Jul 12 2002 9:22AM
Congrats! What a SURPRISE! Best wishes - job well done. - T
from Tony Tomazic