Just the Poop

At 8:02 am Zachary was pushed (c-section) into the world. With just a few little cries he spent most of the time looking around at his new surroundings and putting faces to the voices of mommy and daddy that he had been hearing for so many months. He is absolutely perfect and definitely our little miracle.

It's about 5:15am and we're off to the hospital. In a couple of hours we'll meet Zachary face to face for the first time. He's been over active for the past several days and we think he knows something is coming.

We met with Dr. Stewart for our last appointment before bringing Zachary into the world. Our appointment which was originally scheduled for 9am was rescheduled for 7:30am.

Woohoo Zachary's room is done. All the painting, moulding, accessories, picture frames and furniture are now in place. Now we just have to wait on the little guy to get here. Thanks to Bill and Sue for the colorful decorating ideas based upon the picture frame.

As if the pregnancy hadn't been eventful enough, Gail decided to take a few relaxing days off work after totaling or close to it, her new truck. More importantly, after spending a few hours touring the labor and delivery unit at Baptist East while having Gail and "Munch" checked out we knew that was where we wanted to have our baby.