The Munchkin Days

It was the day before Thanksgiving and all through the house not a creature was stirring cause we all were at work. With the holiday coming Gail repeatedly called the doctor's office to get the results. We were not about to go threw another weekend of football without knowing if Jeremy's boys could swim. Instead, we found out the day before Thanksgiving while Gail was at work which meant no beer for her and plenty of bourbon for Jeremy this weekend.

The name "Munch" short for Munchkin originated from Gail's decision to refer to her growing belly as something other than his/her name until we had a face to go with it. Thus, "Munch" was born, well so to speak.

Most people are fortunate to only get a couple ultrasound pictures during their pregnancy, we on the other hand received numerous pictures throughout. These ranged from the two day old pictures of the eight cells after they just began to split, the six week pictures referred to as the piece of rice, the seven week pictures which were the lima bean and then the nine week pictures affectionately called the gummy bear. More ultrasound pictures came after a minor complication was encountered as well as routine pictures at Dr. Stewart's office around 30 weeks.

Then came Gail’s (or Munch’s) Baby Shower

Many thanks go out to all of Gail’s family that helped to put on the baby shower of the century. Leave it to the Harrisons to put together a Thursday night of fun that left everyone talking about it for days afterward.

The Baby shower featured the Baby Shower Comedian and he really kept everyone in stitches. A fine Italian dinner was served up and many friends and family enjoyed their time visiting with each other at what seemed to be one of the largest showers ever held. But Gail really wanted to go through the shower bit only once.

Special thanks go out to Terri and Karen for their help in organizing the shower. Their planning and thoughtfulness touched Gail’s heart (especially since they wouldn’t let her do a damn thing).

Betty, Chris (though not there but contributing just the same), Beth, Angie, Jenny and Becky where also a huge part of making the evening a memorable one for Gail.

Several pictures of the Baby Shower are available in the "Say Cheese" section.

Gail enjoyed opening the gifts for "Munch" – and though she seemed unsure about some their uses she figured that motherhood would somehow show her the way. It was evident as the shower ended that little "Munch" was spoiled rotten already. Mom and Dad where touched with everyone’s contribution for their new arrival.

A GREAT BIG thanks to Linda – a great friend that loaded Gail and Jeremy up with baby paraphernalia beyond your wildest imagination. A special thanks also goes to Becky’s friends Martha and Michelle for their contributions on the baby clothes. "Munch" will be one well dressed dude for many months to come.

"Munch" always seemed quite content in his surrounding while enjoying late night ice cream, early morning glasses of milk, rock'n to KC & the Sunshine Band at Bill Samuels' Derby Party and the routine reading of the acclaimed arthurs such as Dr. Seuss from Jeremy.

We even received a notice from Bill Samuels about the newborn we had been waiting for. Oddly it was the barrel of Maker's Mark that Jeremy had dedicated for Zachary on April 15th 2002. In about seven years Jeremy will be sure to get a bottle of bourbon from his barrel. Zachary will have to wait a few years to try it himself.

For all we knew it was a routine pregnancy. Gail just wanted to know if the massive weight gain, numbness and swelling of her hands, gaseous discharge from all orifices and erotic belly dances would end as soon as "Munch" was pulled like an alien from her belly.