The Once Happy Couple

For many years Gail and Jeremy enjoyed a perfect and happy marriage. Ok, who are we kidding?

From the early beginning courtship of movies, ice cream and numerous cheap dates, Gail and Jeremy wed on a steamy night in September 1995. Steamy only because of the Ohio river valley humidity.

Young and ambitious, Gail knew that within ten years Jeremy wanted to own his own company. Oddly enough, this happened a little sooner then expected. Within days after the wedding, Jeremy quit his job to start a fledgling Internet company.

From the confines of the small office in the two bedroom apartment to the tiny pink bedroom in the rundown home they purchased shortly thereafter, Gail and Jeremy worked to build their future together.

Gail and Jeremy enjoyed many fond adventures including numerous trips to Florida, DC, Nashville, Houston, Dallas, Las Vegas (really cool by the way) and of course, Hawaii. You can read about the Hawaii trip at Jeremy's web site.

Although perfectly content with each other, the peace and quiet of their new home and the serenity of their pool, Gail and Jeremy knew they would be remiss if they did not pass on all their wisdom, knowledge and practical jokes to a little one of their own.

It wasn't for a lack of trying but on their own Gail and Jeremy just seemed to come up short. With a little of help from modern medicine, a turkey baster and several really swell people in the room (another story), little Zachary was conceived.

All joking aside, Zachary is Gail and Jeremy's own little miracle.

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